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What do you recommend to wear for my brand story session?
  • Here is where being yourself and representing your business is crucial! I highly recommend wearing clothes you feel amazing in. Now is not the time to “try” and wear something that still has the tags on…you know you’ve done it…I have too…
  • Pick the colors from your business and brand that you want to “pop” in the picture, when in doubt neutrals photograph amazingly. I recommend to stay away from distracting patterns. We can utilize patterns in with your props (ie journal, notepad, pen, computer cover).
  • You’ll want to pick at least 3 outfits (I recommend bringing 4, just in case….), pick jewelry, shoes and any other accessories that would be crucial to telling your story. I recommend having a dressy version of you and then more casual options. I preface here that if you are always dressy then bring 3 dressy outfits. If you’re always casual bring casual options. It’s important to dress how you would show up in your business. You’ll want to be authentic here.
Is it important to have my hair and makeup done professionally for the session?
  • My best answer, YES!! I have a couple of options for makeup & hair onsite or scheduled before, it’s important to be naturally you just enhanced…we aren’t doing a stage tour here – NO heavy makeup needed – prices range from $95 to $150.
  • Another option is a your current hair stylist, most will offer blow out services and most salons offer makeup application as well.
  • On a budget? It’s still important to have done. Schedule your regular cut/color and then session after. Be careful here…don’t make any major changes ahead of your brand story session. Also, need an easy makeup application visit your closest Sephora or department store makeup counter, they do a great job and are complimentary.
How do we pick locations?
  • This will all depend on the type of story we are looking to tell. I love shooting outdoors, natural light is awesome, truly any backdrop that tells your story goes. Busy Downtown Street, sure! If you’re more of a nature girl – let’s go to a beautiful park. Work mostly at community tables in a coffee shop – let’s go there too. It’s important to capture you in your element. Gone are the days where everything has to be done in a Studio. Sky is truly the limit here, if you can imagine it, I will make it happen.
  • I love working with locations that make you feel comfortable and you would normally be seen. It’s fun to pick a location that allows for multiple scenes within walking distance, as this would constitute one “location”. It’s important that my clients get their biggest “bang” for their money and time.
  • This is where our strategy calls come into play. We will discuss, plan and map out your branding story. It’s important to think big and come with plenty of ideas. I LOVE Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. Also, look to those whom you’d consider your mentors – what do their sites, photos and social media show. Looking at where you want to be, it’s important to have scalability and growth options. Do things that will be classic, so your photographs will have greater longevity.
What is the strategy call and why is it important?
  • The strategy call allows us to plan our time together prior to our session, it enables me to understand fully your ideal client, your vision and your mission.
  • Understanding your ultimate goal with each of your ideal clients, allows us to visually capture the essence of you and what your clients will ultimately experience in working with you. Completing a week long activity log will be helpful or a sample of your calendar to truly capture you being YOU.
  • The call allows me to understand your needs for the photograph’s and what we’ll need for prop’s, location and time need to capture it all. This map is our guide the day of the session. The planning ahead creates the relaxing environment the day of the session.
When and how will I receive my photo gallery?
  • Upon completion of the session – editing begins, this is a process every photographer goes through to pick the best images to deliver to their clients.
  • Your gallery will be delivered via email with a direct link, you’ll be able to select your favorites and then share them with your team. Once the final images are selected (based on your purchased session) you’ll receive a zip file with all images requested.
  • If you happen to select more images than were purchased in your session, you are able to make an additional purchase for either print or digital purchase online through your gallery. This allows you to be in total control of your images and usages.


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