Spoiler alert: Jenn under promises and overdelivers. I came to Colorado from California to work with her because I really liked how comfortable and natural people looked in her portfolio. We chatted a few times on the phone before I made the trip and she nailed down all the details of the looks.  She knew several great spots to shoot that worked with my brand and colors (good thing because I didn’t know anything about the area!) . She had done a lot of prep work and her ideas were what I wanted. With her guidance, everything flowed well and in the end I got a whole bunch of great photos!

She’s knowledgeable, resourceful and so much fun to work with. We, of course, had some snafus because we were shooting on location, and not in a studio or a home, (people sitting where we wanted to shoot, etc).  Jenn made the best of it + and we laughed a lot.

Actually,  the session had so much ease and flow for each set up; I feared I wouldn’t have very many good photos to choose from. In the past, I’ve shot with photographers where I have 30 shots of me in the same position and none of them are good. I’ve never walked away with so many usable and awesome photos from a shoot, and I was a yearly headshot-changing-actor for many years.

I felt like I was just hanging out around town with a good friend. She has a great eye and really understands branding, especially for personal brands. There aren’t many photographers out there who really have that, I definitely found a rare and sparkly gem with Jenn!

Photogaphy in action check www.jilldavenport.com 

Jill Davenport

I have worked with Jenn on numerous photo shoots for branding, non-profit, business events, and family.

Jenn takes her time and engages her own creativity to capture the look, the feeling, and the perfect picture for you and your messaging. She has the innate ability to see beyond the lens and bring out the heart of her clients.

I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my brand and most cherished photographs.

Photography in action http://nicolekmontez.com/

Nicole Montez

Thank you so much Jenn!!  I love all the images!!!
I really appreciate you doing sooo many for me!!!
You made the day of so much fun, I can’t believe ALL the gorgeous images – my website looks incredible and SO me.
You told my story with perfection.
Photography in action http://www.staticefloral.com/
Lori Dries

Working with Jenn was amazing!  She made me feel so at ease and perfectly beautiful in every pose.  She captured the brand story I was aiming for perfectly and gave me so many images to choose from, it was nearly impossible to pick my favorites.  I have used them again and again for all my marketing needs.

I highly recommend her.  She is professional, prompt and creates beautiful images.  If you want to tell your brand’s story, she is your gal.  Thanks Jenn!

Photography in action https://alisaconner.com/

Alisa Conner

Working with Jenn was truly the best from the rest, a true talent!!  Jenn is such a pleasure to be around. She makes the experience very fun and enjoyable with my family. We all felt so comfortable.  She really listened and took the time to get to know us and our style.  She brought our vision to life.  I love how she helped us with posing yet kept a fun playful approach.  She has a real gift for capturing the moment and telling our story.

The Photos over exceeded my expectations!!  She has a great editing techniques while staying true to who we are.  I love the wide variety of pictures and wonderful photo book I received.  Such a beautiful heart-warming story each picture tells.  Lovely experience!  I highly recommend working with Jenn.

Kristine Garcia

I greatly appreciated working with Jenn. She is very easy going and calm, and put me right at ease. Jenn has a great eye for setting and style. She is able to pull out your best looks with her images. I will continue to use Jenn in the future for business and personal needs.

Photography in action http://ferakristine.com/

Fera Kristine

I hired Jenn Hernandez Photography to do the photo shoot for my new brand and that was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Jenn took the time to get to know what my vision was and the messages I wanted to convey visually. I don’t really like to have my picture taken, but Jenn made me feel comfortable, and beautiful, throughout the shoot.

Jenn was prepared, professional, and fun!  I felt like she totally had my best interests in mind.  Picking the final photos was difficult because they were all so good.

Photography in action www.onpurposemarketing.net

Joanne Johnson

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