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Mel and I go WAYYYY back…like way back…High School.  Yes, that’s right we’ve know each other since.  While we lost touch for a time we were happy to be reunited on Facebook.  I was so honored when she called and asked me to do her family photos in 2016 (these can be seen in my full gallery).  She wanted to document how happy they all were, as she was celebrating 1 year since a divorce that was the best and healthiest option for her and her kids.

In this gallery, I’ve picked a few from our fun session in Cheesman Park, Denver, CO.  It was a gorgeous day!!  Her son, never leaves us lacking entertainment – he’s always SO fun to work with.  Mel and Jillian are dolls and are always camera ready…now to catch Daltrey smiling…there’s the trick!

Enjoy just a few from our session.

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